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Run an end of month transaction report and export to Excel
Run an end of month transaction report and export to Excel

You can generate an export of all your sales for last month, this month or even year to date.

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Follow these steps to generate a live report and/or export of your recent transactions:

  1. Login to the Peoplevine Control Panel

  2. Go to Sell > Transactions > View Transactions

  3. Select the options to filter the data that you need, note that we do set some defaults.

  4. Hit apply and you'll see all the data matching your filters.

Export the Data

  1. To export this data, click on the Export Data button.

  2. We will carry over all your existing filters and select some default fields, but you can change these.

  3. Scroll down and find or search for the fields you'd like to include

  4. Click Generate Report to generate a link to download a CSV of your data

  5. You can also enter a name and click to Save the Report to generate in a few clicks in the future.

You can also use variables for date ranges in the criteria field.  We recommend you select the "between" option and use one of the variables below if you're going to save the report.

Available Variables
These variables can be placed in specific fields:

  • {@thisMonthStart@}

  • {@thisMonthEnd@}

  • {@nextMonthStart@}

  • {@nextMonthEnd@}

  • {@lastMonthStart@}

  • {@lastMonthEnd@}

  • {@today@}

  • {@today:addDays(#)@}

  • {@today:addMonths(#)@}

  • {@today:addYears(#)@}

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