Custom Reports

You can generate a report with specific date parameter variables to pull the latest data and edit directly in Excel or Sheets.

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Peoplevine collects over 300 data points on each CRM record and there are dashboard-view reports you can access to view common statistics, such as demographic data (CRM Module); top spending members (Reports dashboard) and those without a card on file.

These reports are widely used by our partners worldwide. However, we understand that each business is unique and has its own reporting needs, which is why we enable you to build you own custom reports. These reports can be embedded into an Excel workbook and used to build dashboards using Excel tables and formulas or PowerBI.


  • Excel Reporting Template - an Excel workbook that will guide you on how to set up and embed custom reports. You can use this to build your own dashboard.

  • Reporting matrix - an overview of the most popular reports to build.

How to build: step 1

How to build: step 2

Step by Step

To generate a custom report, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel

  2. Go to the company menu (click on your company name)

  3. Find Export Data to File under Reports & Data (or by clicking Export Data from any other screen)

  4. Select the type of data you would like to export

  5. Select the fields that you want to include

  6. When you find a date based field, you can filter by a specific date range, by setting the criteria to between and separating the start and end date by a - (dash) in the criteria field.

    7. Once you've selected all your fields, click Generate Report to get your data.
    8. You can then download your data or save the report.

You can use the following variables within the date criteria:

  • {@thisMonthStart@}-{@thisMonthEnd@}

  • {@nextMonthStart@}-{@nextMonthEnd@}

  • {@lastMonthStart@}-{@lastMonthEnd@}

  • {@thisWeekStart@}-{@thisWeekEnd@}

  • {@lastWeekStart@}-{@lastWeekEnd@}

  • {@thisYearStart@}-{@thisYearEnd@}

  • {@lastYearStart@}-{@lastYearEnd@}

  • {@today@}

  • {@today:addDays(#)@}

  • {@today:addMonths(#)@}

  • {@today:addYears(#)@}

Open the Latest Data in Excel

To link custom reports to an excel sheet:

1. Go to ‘Export Data to File’ from the company dropdown menu:

2. Select the report you would like to link and click ‘load report’

3. You’ll notice that after clicking ‘load report’ a URL is generated underneath.

4. Copy this URL and use it n Excel. Go to the Data tab in excel? Get data>Other Sources> From Web.

5. Past the URL into the pop up window in the basic field and click ‘ok’.

6. You’ll see a summary of the report and if you are happy with it, click to load, or further edit the file/ transform data.

7. The queries and connections window will open with a link to the file. Continue adding reports to this sheet to use it as a master report. To refresh the data, simply go to the data tab in Excel and click on ‘refresh all’ to refresh the data from within Peoplevine.

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