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Overview of Appointments and Reservations with the Scheduler Engine
Overview of Appointments and Reservations with the Scheduler Engine

This article provides an overview of the tools available to you and your people for scheduling time with either a person or item.

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The Peoplevine Scheduler Engine provides you with the ability to book reservations, typically for a multi-slot engagement (e.g. a room booking or a projector rental), or the ability to book appointments, used for one-on-one appointments.  Each scheduler type provides a series of options to control the experience and availability for your people.  Such features include:

  • Permissions based (e.g. for specific member groups only)

  • Overall design and messaging

  • Limitations on booking frequency and availability

  • Capture data and build analytics

  • and so much more

Once your scheduler is setup, you can also enable additional enhancements to encourage and foster further engagement throughout the platform.  You can setup the following actions to occur:

  • Send an e-mail or text message notification as soon as they're booked, confirmed or cancelled.

  • Reward points for making, confirming and/or cancelling an appointment.

  • Send data to an external platform via our webhooks or our integrations.

  • Campaigns, specifically a When-It's-Over Campaign which is designed to send a follow-up message (e-mail or sms) to get feedback and build your reviews.

Booking and Management Appointments & Reservations
Once your scheduler is setup, your people can now view and book a time with you via a few different methods:

  • Self-Service Direct Link (via your website or member portal): After building the scheduler, click the Preview in Browser button to see what your customer sees.  You will notice appointment and reservation schedulers offer different designs and experiences.  The URL is /schedule/1234 where 1234 is the schedule_item_no value.

  • Self-Service Category or All (via your website or member portal): You can group your schedulers into categories and direct people to /appointments?category_no=1234 or /reservation?category=1234 depending on which experience the schedulers are associated with.

  • Full-Service (via the Control Panel): You can also choose to make schedulers private or provide a full-service booking by booking appointments through the Control Panel.  When booking a room in the Control Panel, you can select the category, room or display all to see availability for a given day.  When booking an appointment in the Control Panel, you will choose the scheduler and then can either select an existing time or add a new time.

Portal - Book a Room/Slot

Portal - Book an Appointment

Control Panel Book a Room

In all experiences, the additional enhancements (automation) will process.

Upcoming Appointments
First off, make sure you've enabled notifications and/or assigned a business owner to the scheduler in order to make sure someone is notified when a booking is placed.  You can subscribe to notifications directly on the scheduler or view your Alerts to enable general alerts such as when someone books an appointment or makes a reservation.

All upcoming appointments can be found under the Upcoming Appointments link while all upcoming reservations can be found under the Upcoming Reservations link under Sell > Scheduler.

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