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Prevent people from booking a room back to back.
Prevent people from booking a room back to back.

Are people hogging your rooms? Leverage the scheduler settings to prevent people from booking back to back or too long.

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Through the various settings on our scheduler engine, you are able to prevent users from abusing their "reserve a room" privileges.  

To control how long someone can book a room for and prevent them from booking for a longer period of time back-to-back, leverage these settings:

1) Set the amount of time each block should be.

2) Limit the amount of blocks they can book at a time (in this case 4 x 30 minutes = 2 hours limit).

3) Now make them wait until they can book their next 4 blocks of 30 minutes.

4) If users are able to see multiple rooms via a category, check this box to prevent them from room hopping.

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