Instead of taking the time to copy and paste the HTML, enter a title and take a screenshot, you can now drag and drop folders full of HTML snippets and we'll set them up, categorize them and add a screenshot of the rendered snippet.

Whether you're an agency building a bunch of snippets for your client or you're an end-user looking to install a template you just purchased, this tool will save you hours!  To get started, make sure your HTML snippets meet the following structure:

  • Setup the folders you want us to categorize them in

  • Make sure each HTML file is the single (or combined) snippet, but don't put them all in one file (unless it is one snippet)

  • Name the file what you'd like the snippet to be called in the builder followed by .html

Now simply head to the template uploader and complete the necessary fields.  Make sure that the version ID matches to the version ID of your layout as that's how we separate the snippets in the builder.  You can also replace specific text by entering as follows:

When uploading your snippets, simply drag and drop them in their respective folders all at once.

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