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Taking Payments via ACH (eCheck or Telecheck)
Taking Payments via ACH (eCheck or Telecheck)

You can accept payments from your customers via direct bank withdrawals by setting up ACH or eCheck services.

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When setting up your ACH/eCheck payments, you should know a few things:

  • This is a direct debit from the person's bank account. Refunds are also applied as a credit to their bank account.

  • You can accept payments from checking accounts, savings accounts and business checking accounts.

  • The full routing number, bank account number, person or company name, and the bank name need to match for a payment to be successfully processed.

  • Some payments may come through as temporarily approved, so please check with your bank/processor to confirm it cleared.  You will need to manually update this transaction in PeopleVine if it fails at your processor.

ACH/eCheck payments are generally used for membership billing as there is typically a 3 to 5 working day delay in capturing payments.

Credit card is the recommended payment method for events, commerce, rooms, etc.

In addition, there are no service fees charged to subscriptions that are paid via ACH.

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