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Create a newsletter template
Create a newsletter template

You can take an existing newsletter, copy and paste the source and use this to create a new template.

Updated over a week ago

Did you just spend some time perfecting that e-mail, the font, the colors, the spacing, etc.?  And you believe this is something you'll use again?  Then we suggest that you setup a Newsletter Template that can be dragged and dropped into your e-mail.  Follow these steps to set this up.

  1. First go to your newsletter, launch in builder, then click the HTML editor to view the source.

    2. Select all and copy the text in the HTML tab (you only need the Stylesheet if setting up a landing page template).

    3. Then navigate to Connnect > Layouts & Templates > Newsletter Templates > Setup New Template

   4. Fill in the basics, paste in the HTML source code you just copied to Template HTML and then make sure you set the Version ID to 2.0 (this should match the version number of your newsletter layout).

   5. We suggest you add it to a category and add a preview image as this will display in the builder.

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