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Add Pick Up as an Option in eCommerce
Add Pick Up as an Option in eCommerce

We built a one-click pick up order confirmation that is e-mailed directly to the location the order was placed at.

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With pick up as an option, you enable your customers to pick up their order at an available location. As well, your location will get an e-mail confirmation with information required to process.

Add a Location for Pick Up
To get started, you will need to add a directory profile to be leveraged in eCommerce and then you can add the pick up location:

  1. Start by going to Sell > Directory and Add a Brand/Warehouse

  2. Complete the relevant fields to build the main business profile, then click create and find Add a New Location

  3. Enter the location of the storefront the customer can pick up from.

  4. Make sure you enter the e-mail address for the store location (this is where we'll send the notification) and also add hours like 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM so we can inform the customer what time they can pick up until.

  5. Once created, you can now enable the location as a pick up location during checkout by going to Sell > Commerce Settings

  6. Scroll to Local Pick Up Options and select the locations your customers can pick up from

Now that this is setup, your customers will see this location as a pick up location during checkout.

Once an order is placed for a specific pick up location, the location willl receive an e-mail notification containing the customer's first name last initial along with what they ordered and when they want to pick it up. There are also easy buttons and a bar code to easily process the order for pick up.

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