.... We updated our membership signup flow (for those allowing people to signup online) in order to ensure you can upsell add-ons along with streamline the signup process.

We have enabled a new feature where you can route the sign up process through selecting a plan first and then making a payment before they become a member. This will then prompt the user to complete the additional info form as soon as they pay.

To enable this feature, select the After they signed up option under When to Capture More Data and ensure you've assigned a form to Capture More Data.

Now when members go to /memberships on your site they can click on the Signup to Become a Member link to select their desired plan.

They will be routed to select their payment plan and then select available add-ons.

They will then be taken to complete their profile and make payment to activate their membership. Once activated, they will then be prompted to complete the membership "capture data form" before they can download their membership card.

FYI, this update also include a ton of UI/UX updates for all membership signup experiences.

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