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Platform Updates
Platform Updates
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Improvements to Refunding Event TicketsWe made some improvements to refunding event tickets to streamline the process.
Applying a Discount in the Virtual POS is EasierYou can now apply a % discount or $ discount when taking a payment in the Virtual POS.
Platform Updates 1st Half September 2020We thought we'd share some of our notes on what was released so far in September.
As We Close Out Month 8 of 2020 - Here Are Some Noticeable UpdatesWe added a few updates the last week of August, here are a few to highlight.
We Updated our Flow When Becoming a Member - For Maximum ConversionWe updated our membership signup flow (for those allowing people to signup online) in order to ensure you can upsell add-ons along ....
Contactless Dining Experience - Let customers order from their phones for table side service.With our new Shop F&B capability, you can allow people to order from their phone while dining at your restaurant for a true ....
Take Orders with Shipping/Delivery via the Virtual POS in the Control PanelWhen using the Virtual POS, you can now set the location to Ship/Deliver this order to walk you through available shipping options.
See their Most Purchased Products on their CRM ProfileWhen viewing a CRM profile, you can now see their most frequently purchased items.
Added New Features to Sevenrooms IntegrationYou can import POS data from your integration with Sevenrooms directly to PeopleVine orders.
Membership Scanning is Getting an UpgradeWe have several different ways to check-in and validate a member, we are now adding a new feature to display the member as you scan them in.
Add Postmates to Deliver Your Food or Product to Your Customers in an InstantAdded to the existing integrations with UPS, FedEx, USPS, Local Delivery and Pick Up, you now have access to enable delivery via Postmates.
You Can Post Date Invoices if They're Due at a Later TimeYou can now change the date a transaction was/is charged. This allows you to setup invoices that are spaced out over time.
Using the House Account Payment Option at the POSSee how to use the House Account payment option in your POS that is connected to PeopleVine.