We are integrated to over 60 platforms, many of which we've extended to the webhook engine in order to send webhooks to these select systems. Now with our new Webhook Auth feature, you can setup an authenticated user to post the data to the webhook without relying on us to create a custom integration.

Follow these steps to setup your first Webhook Auth:

  • Go to the Automate Suite and click on Setup New Webhook Auth under Integrations

  • Enter the details for the OAuth call. Not all fields are required to make a connection.

  • If you add an initiate OAuth link, then we will automatically route the person to have them login. Otherwise add the endpoint for generating a token and refresh token to ensure we can generate a token to send on future calls.

  • If you pass in a client id and secret, we will use this to setup a Basic Authentication to get the token.

Once this is setup, you will now be able to assign this auth to a webhook where it will leverage the token generated.

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