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As We Close Out Month 8 of 2020 - Here Are Some Noticeable Updates
As We Close Out Month 8 of 2020 - Here Are Some Noticeable Updates

We added a few updates the last week of August, here are a few to highlight.

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Members Can Renew Early

Members can now renew their membership earlier than the renewal date. When viewing their subscription at /account/subscriptions, they will see an option to Renew Early if they are an annual subscriber who's currently active.

Upon clicking this button they will be prompted for payment to renew their subscription (no gift certs and no house accounts) and the system will then extend their date 1 year out.

We Updated the Campaign Engine with a Few Highlights

You can wire up a campaign and/or other actions when someone pays their membership dues or subscription on an annual basis. This is useful when sending a reminder to your members that their annual dues are up for renewal. They can confirm their payment method and/or renew early.

Now, in the CRM profile you will be able to see items in this person's campaign queue.

Improvements to Taxes, Shipping and Discounts in the Virtual POS

We are re-building our Virtual POS to have a touch screen experience along with larger structural items. In our recent updates we included the ability to set a manual discount and/or modify the coupon codes discount. As well to improvements on handling fees, taxes, shipping, discounts and the combination of these items across the variety of experiences in PeopleVine.

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