With our SSO through SAML, you can authenticate your users to their account from an external authentication system. Follow these steps to set it up:

  • You need to add your SAML SSO Certificate which is used to authenticate the incoming request. To do this, go to the company menu and click on Platform
    Settings. Towards the bottom in General Settings you will see SAML SSO Certificate where you can paste your certificate as such:

  • Once that is in place, you can start to route your users to /login/sso/start?route=<url> with the ability to add the optional parameters &returnTo=<local.url>. In this case the route url is your SAML provider where your users authenticate. By adding the returnTo parameter, you have the ability to route someone directly to a page in your PeopleVine experience upon authenticating on your system.

For example, your URL may look like https://member.yourwebsite.com/login/sso/start?route=https://my.sso.login.yourwebsite.com/idp/login&returnTo=%2Fevents%3Fcategory_no%3D1234 which will route them to category 1234 on your events page.

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