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Content Management
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Update contact info on the Contact Us page
Setting Up a Default Notification Template for Emails
Use SAML based SSO Login for Your Website or App
Hide Your Default Account Nav
Add personalization to a newsletter
Setup FAQs
How do I leverage a full-screen layout for my landing pages and ensure it works for out of the box pages?
Feature Attributes in Your Customer Attribute List
Run Your Blog on Peoplevine
Add a content snippet to the My Account menu for businesses
How does the My Account section work?
Categorize blog posts
Create a Short URL and Track Visits
Control the navigation for the account menu
Add Announcements to the Member Portal
Update the website navigation
Mask default URLs
Setting up Business Attributes to Build a Robust Profile
Password reset
Landing Pages and Web Layouts
Update Item Permissions w/ Permission Push
Allow Companies and Partners to Sign Up Directly for your Business Directory
Apply Your Branding to a Header & Footer
Create your first page layout
Override Out of the Box Pages with Custom Pages
How can I hide or show content, links, etc. when someone is a member, authenticated or a business owner?
Customize the Page Where Your Members Download their Membership Card
Revert back to a previous version of a page
Leverage a Wordpress theme
Add a custom favicon
Add Permissions to Your Pages and Experiences
Build a Landing Page in Peoplevine
Add personalization to a content page
Out of the Box - Search Page
Setup an "Terms & Conditions" Page
Create a custom landing page
Add a Survey/Form to Your Landing Page
Setting Up Content Contributors to Allow Others to Manage Content on Your Site
Adding a Google Verification HTML Page
Use our Gallery Slider to Sift Through Blocks of Content
Submit to Search Engines
Make your site Google-friendly (SEO)
Make your site Bing-friendly (SEO)
Google Analytics
Social Media
Facebook capabilities
Add a content snippet to the My Account menu for customers