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Why is your Newsletter Images are getting auto cropped?
Why is your Newsletter Images are getting auto cropped?

Frequently asked questions, when you are trying to add any image in your Newsletter but it keeps getting cropped, keep reading this article.

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When you face this issue, you may be wondering why it's getting cropped automatically, here is why:

  • Due to most of our users uploading larger than 4MB photos, we have an auto crop setup on images in the newsletter to improve delivery and readability.

To tackle this situation there is a very straightforward solution for this, just do this instead:

  • The best way to add this is to upload the signatures in Media (under company settings) and then when clicking on an image in the newsletter, search for the media that already exists. Our system currently doesn’t auto-crop imported media, unless set to.

Additionally, If you want to personalize the salutations in newsletters, so they are addressed like “Dear Jordan,” rather than a general “Dear Member,” then follow this article for better understanding on this topic.

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