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How to charge a failed subscription
How to change a membership ID number
How do I change my company info?Learn how to update and modify your company info and relevant information for your business including your logo, bio, address, timezone, etc
How do I manage user accounts?Learn how to add users, update permissions, and provide access to the platform for your teammates.
How do I update my user profile and contact info (e.g. email address)?
FAQ: SevenroomsBeing integrated with Sevenrooms for nearly 3 years, we've learned a lot on how our users leverage it to improve...
Where do responses to my contact us go to?
How do I set up a new client with Peoplevine?
Application Error MessageWhen user receives an Error Message 'The Action Failed' while attempting to complete the form
How to configure a Webhook and add Form fields value into a Blog post based on Webhook activity?Frequently asked question, how to configure a Webhook where you need to add Form responses into a Blog post.
Why am I not seeing my rewards when I post something on social?Are you testing your rewards and not earning the points? You're probably missing these quick steps.
What to do when there is an old Membership program visible on the /memberships pageFrequently asked question, when your membership page is displaying an outdated program, what do you do?
How to change the customer on an Invoice?Frequently asked questions, what if you need to change the customer on an already processed Invoice?
How to change the customer on a processed Order?Frequently asked question, what if you need to change the customer on an already processed order in Order History?
Trouble with your URL?are you getting, "Potential Security Risk" ?
How to charge a member from the control panel?Frequently asked questions, when you want to charge someone from your member base within control panel, keep reading this article
Why is Membership Subscription for next Billing Date is skipping ahead a year?Frequently asked question, when you notice that next billing date for any member is skipping ahead a year, keep reading through this article
Why is your Newsletter Images are getting auto cropped?Frequently asked questions, when you are trying to add any image in your Newsletter but it keeps getting cropped, keep reading this article.
How do you edit any existing Newsletter?Frequently asked questions, if you ever wondered how to create a Newsletter in no time, then keep reading this article.
Have you ever experienced CC charging issues on any member?Frequently asked questions, what do you when CC gets denied for charging membership dues?
Things to look out for, when setting up any scheduler.Frequently asked questions, Is it possible to setup schedulers for appointment and reservations?
What happens when you share a ticket with anyone?Frequently asked questions, when you are sharing any event ticket with someone find out happens next.
How to make an event a Member only event?Frequently asked question, on member only events
How to make a membership totally free of cost?Frequently asked questions, free membership configuration and how to do it.
How can we add COF(Card On File) and individual house accounts for 2nd / sub members?Frequently asked questions, card on file for non primary members.
Q&A: Are you facing issues to check in any specific member?Frequently asked questions, membership check-ins
Q&A: Are you looking to setup partners to access schedulers?
Tax isn't calculating in the Virtual POSIf your tax isn't calculating in the Virtual POS then check the value for your State under your company profile.
Why can't I see my changes after saving/uploading them?It's called browser caching. Your web browser does this to ensure optimal performance for the same content.
Why can't I see the image I just uploaded?Your web browser caches files in order to speed up your experience, we'll show you how to see your updates.