This scenario entails an API call and to make any API call you need to have API credential setup from API & Application features. To know how to create API credentials please read this article.

Once you have you API credentials ready for this Webhook, then configure your "auth" and "page" object with necessary data items.

"auth": {
"api_username": "",
"api_password": "",
"api_key": "",
"company_no": 0,
"username": "",
"password": ""
"page": {
"page_type": "blog",
"page_title": "{@[email protected]}",
"page_content": "{@[email protected]}",
"page_status": "active",
"visibility": "public"

in "auth" object "company_no" is your Company Number associated with and you can find this from Company Profile within Company Menu.

in "page" object, "page_title" and "page_content" is extracting values from a Form and using those fields id's (which you can find when viewing questions on your form). So whenever a Webhook Activity triggers (e.g. Form Completed/ Approved) takes place, "createPage" method from "Content API" will create a "blog" type page with Form responses in it.

You can always bring necessary changes to your "page" object for more relevant data that suits your needs, please read more about this in"createPage" method within "Content API". Please make sure to have "visibility":"public" is in your "page" object so that responses stays visible in your Blog Post.

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