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Syncing Your Customers, Members and Orders with Square
Syncing Your Customers, Members and Orders with Square

With our Square integration, you can ensure that your CRM in PeopleVine has the latest data on y...............

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Once you've connected your Square POS, your data will start to sync automatically. All new members added to PeopleVine will sync to Square and all Orders placed in Square (assigned to a customer) will transfer into PeopleVine and build a CRM profile with their history. While this helps with new data, you may find the need to get and send past data to Square.

From the Square integration screen, you will see the option to Sync Data.

First, make sure you've set the dates for when you want to sync data. Please note that the longer the duration, the slower (and less-likely) everything will sync. We recommend you do this in weeks or monthly chunks depending on your volume.

Once set, simply click on Sync Orders, Get Customers from Square or the Sync Members to Square button to begin the process.

Please wait while the system processes your request. Some jobs may run in the background, therefore your data may take some time to sync.

Please note there may be inconsistencies in your data that does not meet Square's standards, if you notice some data is not syncing.

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