....With our integration to Square you can track member spend to their CRM profile in PeopleVine while enabling a secured way for registering your card on file at the POS.

When connecting your Square POS to PeopleVine you are empowered with the following capabilities:

  • All customer spend is visible in their CRM profile

  • We will track order history, product's purchased and other general analytics

  • You can reward people for how much they spend

  • They can register their card on file at the POS or online

  • They can pay for their F&B via their card on file or rewards

To get started, go to the company menu and click on Integrated Platforms. Scroll to Commerce + POS and click on Square.

Click the Connect button to go to Square to approve the authentication.

You will be routed to Square to review and approve the permissions being requested. Please note that we don't currently utilize all permissions, but plan to leverage in future builds.

Once this is set, all future orders from Square will flow into your PeopleVine account.

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