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Define and configure different spaces within your property

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Locations represent different spaces within your property. A location could be a spa, an event space, a restaurant, or meeting room that you can configure to show within the control panel.

Create locations within Peoplevine so that they can be used to assign event locations, in our check-in app, and other parts of the platform.

How to Create a Location

  • Click on Directory.

  • Look up your company/ property name. There will be an existing directory location set up for it.

  • Edit the business profile if required. The fields below can be edited.

  • Scroll down to Profile Locations and click Add New Locations. These are the different spaces, rooms,or areas that you host events, dining experiences or other appointments.

  • Complete the Contact Information for the location. you may have a different email address, phone number or website for this.

  • If releveant add in location hours.

  • Once finished, click Create.

How to Edit a Location

  1. Click on Directory.

2. Locate the business profile that is associated with the location you would like to edit and click view.

3. Scroll down to Profile Locations and find the location you would like to edit, click edit.

4. Make the changes you would like to make.

5. Once you are satisfied, click Update Location.

How to Remove a Location

  1. Follow Steps 1 - 2 in How to Edit a location.

  2. Scroll down to Profile Locations and find the location you would like to delete, click delete.

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