If you are a legacy Authorize.net user, we recommend you upgrade to v2. It's quick and easy while giving you best in class security along with features like card updater from Authorize.net.

Are you using a legacy Authorize.net connection? If you go to your payment processors (or integrated platforms) you can see if you have Authorize.net as your default processor.

If so, we recommend you upgrade to v2 which provides for a more secure connection and encryption/tokenization with Authorize.net but also provides you with other benefits like card updater where if the card expires and/or if it's stolen, Authorize.net can obtain the current number and/or expiration date for the next charge.

To setup the v2 integration, click on Register a Payment Processor and select Authorize.net (v2). Since you will be replacing your existing one, you can set this as the Default Payment Provider.

Click save to activate this as your new processor.

Now when someone charges a credit card in our platform, it will be immediately tokenized with Authorize.net. For any past credit cards on file, you can click edit next to your Authorize.net v2 connection to pull up the settings. Then click on the "Tokenize Payment Methods" button which will take all raw cards and tokenize with Authorize.net so they can leverage the card updater feature.

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