House Accounts

You can enable house accounts to give members the ability to checkout open tabs to their house account.

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House accounts enable your members to utillize a credit system and settle their account at the end of the month in place of daily payments.

When someone closes a charge to their House Account, our system will generate an Invoice due for the member. If you have "monthly invoicing" enabled, we will automatically charge this and all open invoices to their card on file. If you don't, then it's important you setup a process to collect these funds.

To enable House Account for a specific person, start by going to their CRM profile and click on Edit.

Look for the option that says Allow person to check-out via your website to their House Account and turn it on.

When active, you 'll see a notification on their CRM profile.

Remember, only enable this if you have a payment method on file or a means to capture that payment. Once this is enabled and saved, the customer will be able to pay via their House Account.

Keep in mind if they are already logged in, they may need to sign out then back in to see the option.

Please also note, that your waitstaff can close out to the member's House Account via the POS directly. This ensures that unpaid transactions at the POS can be assigned to a customer/member in PeopleVine.

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