App navigation is driven from app layouts.

Learn what layouts you need to edit by clicking into the domain that is formatted as {company-name}

In this case the layouts are "Simple with Logo (Mobile)" and "Portal Layout (Mobile)".

Let's start with the navigation for an unauthenticated user, which only appears on the login screen.

Go into the layout and scroll to the layout navigation field.

Here we only need one option for Home which navigates to /account.

{ "header": "Home", "path": "account" }

Save that and notice that your app shows your navigation on the login screen.

Now let's make the navigation for the logged in user. Go to the next layout.

{ "header": "Home", "path": "account" },
{ "header": "Account", "path": "" },
{ "title": "Billing", "path": "billing" },
{ "title": "My Events", "path": "account/events" },
{ "header": "Logout", "path": "logout" }

Notice that "title" records will go under a header, this would display.



> Billing

> My Events


Save this layout and look at the app while logged in, you should see your new navigation.

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