We upgraded our order receipt and transaction receipt PDFs to include an additional line that can be used for VAT purposes. We also replaced Tax with VAT for companies using GBP as the currency code.

In order to adhere to certain guidelines in the UK, we have upgraded our platform with a few new features. These are mainly to assist with displaying VAT information appropriately.

If you go to the company menu and click on company settings, you will now see a section called Additional Line (e.g. VAT) below the country drop down and above the time zone/currency options.

When adding these values, we will automatically include them at the bottom of any PDF order receipt or transaction receipt generated via the Control Panel or Member Portal.

It will display both the company's information with address, along with the additional line of text you add.

Also note that if your currency is set to GBP, we will switch Tax to VAT throughout the Control Panel and Member Portal.

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