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Can't login to the platform? Follow these steps
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If you are unable to login to Peoplevine and have resetting your user password without success, this article is for you.

  • Ensure you are logging into the correct domain as we have two:

  1. https://control.peoplevine.com if you are based in USA, Canada or in some cases, if you are in the UK and created your Peoplevine account before April 2021.

  2. https://control.peoplevine.co.uk if you are based in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and/ or created your account after April 2021.

  • If the above is correct, check with your platform administrator that you are using the correct username.

  • Check with your administrator that you have the correct permissions.

  • If you recently changed your password and did not save to your browser/ device passwords, you may need to type it out, as the cookies will input the last saved password.

  • If none of the above are a solution, please contact [email protected]

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