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Getting Started with Developing on PeopleVine
Getting Started with Developing on PeopleVine

Learn techniques, gain access to resources and follow along as we show you how to start developing on PeopleVine

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Let's start with the tools and frameworks available for developing on and modifying the PeopleVine platform.  In order to develop on PeopleVine, you just need to have coded HTML, nothing more.  

PeopleVine Tools
These tools give you access to manage and interact with PeopleVine experiences.

PeopleVine Framework
You have complete control over the user experience when leveraging these frameworks.

  • Layouts - Every domain name and landing page in PeopleVine can be assigned a layout.  The layout is designed to wrap the content with your branding, your logo, your styles and to ensure your site is consistent no matter how people engage.

  • Templates - Build your own drag and drop snippets that your marketing team can easily add within the Builder.

  • Keyword Pages - Throughout the platform, we have created the ability to leverage the marketing keyword to replace a page with your custom HAPI based page.

  • API - Our most robust API and the same API we used to build the Control Panel and Portal.  Contains access to CRUD across every component.

  • HAPI (HTML API) - Built for the front-end developer, HAPI allows you to code server-side entirely in HTML, CSS and Javascript so you can customize the user experience.

  • RESTful API - Staying on par with the latest in technology, we have released our RESTful API to accommodate mainly app based interactions.

Getting Your Credentials

There are a few ways to start developing and access data stored in PeopleVine.  

No Keys Needed
With HAPI, we utilize the domain name it runs on and the customer/business accessing the data in order to display relevant data to the user.  This is the most secured method for developing on PeopleVine and requires no additional authentication keys.

If you're connecting via our or, you will need to generate 3 sets of keys:

  1. API Credentials - These are used to authenticate your API application to the PeopleVine platform.  You should have separate keys for each app you create.

  2. API Application - You will need to then setup an API application to generate your api_key.

  3. User Account - in order for the API to access data, we need to know what user it's for or you can setup a new user as API Access Only to finalize the AUTH keys.

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