In this tutorial we will show you step by step how to setup a Contest with prizes that are managed via digital coupons.

  1. Go to Engage --> New Contest (choose your contest type)

  2. Setup the details of your contestIf it is a Scratch Off contest, you need to make sure you include both the initial scratch graphic and the lost scratch graphic (this is shown to people who do not win a prize.)

  3. Once the contest is setup, you will need to first setup the Digital Coupons that are used as vouchers for redeeming for their prize.Go to Reward --> New Offer (or Add Multiple Offers if you want to setup a few at once)Add the details and settings for your new offer.  Note it's important you set a pass code to prevent others from getting this offer without playing the contest.Once saved, this can then be used as a contest prize

  4. Once your Digital Coupons are setup, you can now create the prizes.  Click on Add a New Prize from the Contest's menu.

  5. In the Base this Prize on dropdown, select Coupon/Offer.  This will allow you to pre-load the links and info.

  6. Select the Digital Coupon you want to base this prize on and click Load Info.

  7. The system will pre-load all relevant info so when someone wins this prize, they are adding it to their Digital Offers in one-click. 

If you are running a scratch-off contest, YOU MUST provide a reveal graphic for the prize. If you fail to provide this, end users will NOT be able to scratch off the graphic.

  1. Now you can scan that offer using the PeopleVine Venue App to validate it.

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