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Contest - Scratch Off and Win
Contest - Scratch Off and Win
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Through Peoplevine's Contest Engine you can build customer profiles, verify identity, gate prizes and more while creating an engaging experience for your consumers. In this tutorial we'll show you how to setup a Scratch Off and Win contest and share some of the benefits of taking this approach.

What People See When they Play
First time participants are taken through a few steps before they're able to reveal their prize, while already registered participants are taken to login to play again (if you allow them to play more often). People will go through this flow:

  1. People will come to a standard landing page which allows them to authenticate to play the contest (you can select via Facebook, Twitter, Google or their email address).

  2. Once their identity is verified (to prevent gaming) you can prompt them to complete basic profile info including their name, email, mobile number, address and their password. As well you can attach a form/survey to ask any other type of questions.

  3. They are then presented with a randomly generated scratch off ticket to reveal their prize. This is based on several factors including odds of winning, prize availability, prize limits and type of prizes offered.

  4. Once they reveal their prize, the prize info and interactions are displayed to the user.

What you Need to Consider Before Launching
Before you launch a contest, we recommend you plan out the following items:

  • What is the name of the contest?

  • What prize(s) are people going to win?

  • What do you want to learn about people who play?

  • Keep in mind, there are laws regarding the total value of your prizes, we encourage you to speak to your legal team.

  • You will need several graphics created.

  • What are the odds of someone winning? If you don't know this, take a guess at how many plays (based on frequency) and divide it by how many prizes you have.

Launching Your Campaign
Lets get you started with setting this campaign up in Peoplevine:

  1. Make sure you have all the graphics you created ready to attach to the contest. For information about the graphics you'll need, check out this article.

  2. From the Engage menu, click on New Scratch Off Contest under Contests.

  3. Fill in the relevant information and check-off your settings.

  4. You must attach a "win" and "lose" graphic for this to work properly.

  5. After clicking on Creating Contest, Peoplevine will generate a URL for people to play the contest at http://<yourdomain>/contest/#.

Now that your contest is setup, you will need to add prizes. The contest will not allow anyone to scratch off if there are no prizes available.

To setup prizes, check out this article and jump to step 3. Keep in mind your prize graphics should be the same dimensions as your "win" and "lose" graphics.

See it in Action
You can quickly setup a scratch off contest in Peoplevine to see what it looks like, or check out one of our other demos here:

If you have any questions on how our Scratch Off and Win campaign works, please reach out to us or join one of our webinars for live demos.

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