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Newsletter Template for Survey Responses
Newsletter Template for Survey Responses
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After someone completes a survey, you can automatically send them a confirmation containing their responses by leveraging the following template:

Thank you for your response to the survey <strong><pv type="variable" reference_type="survey" reference_no="{@reference_no@}" field_name="survey_name" id="survey_title"/></strong>.
<h3>Please confirm your responses below:</h3>
<pv type="template" reference_type="survey" reference_no="{@reference_no@}" firstClass="active" id="surveyAnswers">
<p>If you see an issue with one of your responses, please click the link below to re-submit your responses.</p>
<pv type="variable" reference_type="survey" reference_no="{@reference_no@}" field_name="component_link" id="linktosurvey" cssclass="btn btn-info btn-lg" linktext="Update Responses" format="link"/>

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