To get started making calls to the PeopleVine API, you need to setup your API application, API credentials and ensure you have a user/password to access the account. Follow these steps to set this up:

  1. Under the company menu look for API & Applications and click on API Credentials

  2. Click to create New API Credentials

  3. Make sure you store these values as they are used as your api_username and api_password

  4. Next you need to setup your API Application. Go to the company menu and click on API Applications

  5. Click to create New API Application

  6. Enter the details about your application and select the credentials you just created

  7. Copy the API Key as this will be needed for the api_key on each call

  8. Once these are setup, please complete the form at to request approval

  9. When making calls to the API, you can use your PeopleVine username and password or you can create new credentials by going here or to Manage Users.

  10. Lastly you will need your company_no. This can be found by going to the company menu and click on Company Profile. Scroll to the bottom and you will see the company_no value.

Please note, if you don't see the API & Applications menu options, then you need to request Administrator or proper permissions to enable access. Please contact your company's administrator.

To access the PeopleVine API to connect to over 500 methods designed to help you engage with your customers/your people click here.

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