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Send email after check in
Send email after check in
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If you would like to trigger an email to your customer after they complete an action or when an appointment or booking is over you can utilize the Peoplevine Campaign Engine.

In this example we will send an email to our customer 1 week after they have checked in for an event.

From your Peoplevine Dashboard visit;

1. Automate > New When its Over Campaign

2. Name your campaign and give it a description. We will set the campaign for an indefinite time frame.

3. Select the Activate Campaign Checkbox, Click Next Step

4. Select Appointment Confirmed type since the activity we are leveraging is an appointment and we want to do this when the booking has been confirmed. In this case a check in will signify a confirmed appointment.

5. Select your associated activity, in this case 'Schedule an Orientation', click Continue.

6. Select your wait time

7. Select your specific message to send, and assign the item.

Upon completion of these steps you will have successfully set up the campaign.

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