If you are running a subscription based service via the Peoplevine platform you may need to notify uses of renewal terms.

You can send your users an automated email to remind them to renew their subscriptions to your service.

  1. Start by creating a newsletter. Connect > Newsletters

  2. Now select Automate > New Interactive Campaign

  3. Choose the 'Completed Campaign' campaign type

  4. Name your campaign and select a date range. Select indefinitely if you would like it to run forever.

  5. Activate your campaign.

  6. Select the 'Subscription' activity type

  7. Select the associated activity, in this case, subscribing to your services

  8. Select the wait time before sending, for a 6 month renewal issue 180 days wait.

  9. Select 'Newsletter to Read' as the item to send

  10. Select your newsletter and assign the action.

You have now setup a Subscription Renewal Email Campaign

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