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PeopleVine can keep all of your revenue channels in sync with QuickBooks. When one of the following activities occur, PeopleVine will automatically sync that data to your QuickBooks account. We currently sync the following:

  • General Transactions

  • Recurring Subscriptions (includes service and sku)

  • Event Tickets (includes event and ticket in description)

  • eCommerce Orders (includes product and sku)

  • Appointments

  • Donations

When a transaction is completed in PeopleVine, we will sync the customer profile, the order info and mark the invoice as paid.  If the customer is already in QuickBooks with the same e-mail address, we will link the accounts.

To get started with QuickBooks, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel

  2. Click on the Company Menu > Settings & Tools > Integrated Platforms

  3. Click on QuickBooks Online then click on "Connect to QuickBooks"

  4. Walk through the steps to authenticate PeopleVine and then once you're back to PeopleVine you can close that window.

Once you are connected, you will see QuickBooks in your list of integrations.

Please make sure that you are an admin in Quickbooks before connecting your account. You will see an error like this if you are not.

Setting Up QuickBooks

There are a few things we need you to setup in QuickBooks in order to ensure all transactions sync properly.

First, make sure you add new payment methods that match PeopleVine's payment methods. This includes the following:

  • points

  • giftcard

  • entry

  • voucher

We will automatically match Cash payments to Cash in QB, papercheck to Check in QB and all credit card types to Credit Card in QB. If one of the above does not exist, we will default to Other as the payment method, but if that doesn't exist we default to Cash.

Mapping Quickbooks Products to PeopleVine Items
In order to create accurate reporting, PeopleVine tries to send over consistent data nd product skus to QuickBooks.  We map the following fields to the products by sku in QuickBooks:

  • Memberships use membership_sku

  • Products on an order use product_sku

  • Events use event-# where # is the event_no

  • Event Tickets use ticket-# where # is the event_ticket_no

  • Appointments use either appointment-# or reservation-# where # is the schedule_item_no

  • General charges will create a new sku as transaction-# where # is the transaction_no

If you add an Income Account to your product, this will show up on your General Ledger.  PeopleVine will automatically create the product when an order is processed and the product sku does not exist. 

Where Are Funds Deposited
As soon as a payment comes through it will apply to an existing invoice or setup a new one.  The funds from this payment will be placed in Undeposited Funds unless you setup either a Bank Account or Other Current Assets Account that contains PV in the title (e.g. Bank of PV).

Processing Refunds
When you apply a refund in PeopleVine and the transaction was synced with QuickBooks, we will make our best effort to process the refund in QuickBooks too.  We say "best effort" as you may try to refund something on closed books and we can't update that.

When refunding, we will 1) add a new line item called "processed refund" with a negative amount to balance out the invoice, then 2) we process the refund on the associated payment.

Syncing and Re-syncing

In PeopleVine, go to the Transactions dashboard (under Sell > Transactions > View Transactions) and you can select "show non-synced transactions" to find items that need to be synced.

When clicking on a transaction that is not synced, you will be prompted with an option to Sync to Quickbooks. Upon a successful sync, you will see a link to View in Quickbooks and one to Resync. In the event the payment didn't process properly, you can click on the resync option to re-send the payment information.

Lastly under the Integration settings for Quickbooks, you will see an option to sync all transactions that have yet to be synced. This will sync every processed or invoiced transaction that has not been synced to Quickbooks or another platform.

Please note, we will not post over payments, to an account.

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