Follow the steps in this document to setup payment processing with Go Cardless.

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Once you've setup your GoCardless account, please make it uses the Pro account and is set to enable customisation in order to leverage the full white-labelled experience, you need to do the following in PeopleVine.

Set up

In your Go Cardless account, click on the Developers tab.

Click the Create button then Access Token.

Enter PeopleVine under the name and click on Read-write access.


To make sure you are compliant with GoCardless, the following items need to be captured/ shown on your application flow:

  • You need to include either the Direct Debit Guarantee in full, or a link where the customer can view the full text.

  • You need to show the business phone number or email address.

  • A statement that confirms what name will appear on the customer's bank statement.

  • Confirmation to the customer that the Direct Debit has been set up successfully

Transaction failure

Say for an instance on Go Cardless it is saying a transaction for member John Doe has failed. But on his PeopleVine account its saying it was processed. What do you do? Try the following:

  • PeopleVine will get a “processing” response back from Go Cardless, we won’t know if the payment failed when it was trying to be captured.

  • In this case you would need to charge them again.

  • You can do this directly in Go Cardless or to track in PeopleVine, refund the first transaction (uncheck automatic refund) then reprocess in PeopleVine.

This shall do resolve issues like these, refund and reprocess your transaction in hand.

Process a refund

To be able to refund an ACH/ Direct Debit payment through GoCardless, you will need to issue refunds in the time between 'payment confirmation' and 'payout' as determined by GoCardless, otherwise you will run into an error message.

Please follow this article to learn how to proccess refunds in general

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