Issuing Refunds

How to issue a refund for an already processed transaction.

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You may need to issue a refund for an already completed transaction from time to time. This article will take you through how to process this.

Refund an ACH/ Direct Debit payment

To be able to refund an ACH/ Direct Debit payment through GoCardless, you will need to issue refunds in the time between 'payment confirmation' and 'payout' as determined by GoCardless, otherwise you will run into an error message

To process a refund this way, please follow the steps listed below.

Refund a credit card

  1. Login to the Peoplevine Control Panel

  2. Go to Sell > Transactions > Transactions or find the customer and view their transactions specifically.

  3. If viewing all transactions, you will need to find the transaction by date, ID, status, etc. or if you search the CRM, you can find a transaction by customer.

  4. Click on the View button for the transaction

  5. Check Issue a Refund

6. Enter the amount you want to refund and then enter a reason.
7. Click Continue and we will process the refund.
8. Once refunded, it will generate a new transaction in the system as "refunded" and link the original transaction to it.
Make sure you keep "automatically refund their payment method" checked as this will process it back to their original payment method (credit card, ACH or gift card).

Transactions Can Only Be Refunded Automatically within 30 Days
Most payment processors won't let you process a refund on a payment that was made more than 30 days ago. In this case, you should uncheck the "automatically refund their payment method" before processing the refund in PeopleVine. You then need to visit your merchant processor's dashboard and process the refund there directly.

And you're done, there will be counterpart transaction item listed to annul that previous transaction and they will be linked for transparency and apprehension.

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