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Using Outgoing Webhooks to Connect to Another System in Real Time
Using Outgoing Webhooks to Connect to Another System in Real Time
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PeopleVine supports the ability to setup an outgoing webhook, which increases our ability to connect with other platforms. This way you can get notified, in real-time, when a customer interacts with your brand. In order to set up the outgoing webhook, you need to provide us with 3 pieces of data.

  • URL – Where you would like us to send the data.

  • METHOD – How you would like to send the data (default is POST)

  • BODY – The data you are supplying, usually a JSON string.

To setup a Webhook, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel

  2. Under Automation you will find Create a Web Hook

  3. Select the action your customer will complete to kick off the web hook

  4. Fill in the requested details and submit it

Now anytime someone completes that activity, we will then fire off your webhook call!

Customizing the Body
PeopleVine is all about flexibility, so we wanted you to have complete control over the message that's posted to the webhook. For example, you can include the survey name that was completed and event the customer's information as part of the message.

In order to include a variable within your body, simply leverage the field names in our API Docs ( All you need to do is put them between {@field_name@}, so for example if you wanted to include the survey name, you would include the variable {@survey_name@} within your body. PeopleVine will automatically replace it with the survey's name.

When any of these actions complete, the system will first replace all variables related to the activity (e.g. the survey), then it's able to replace all the variables based on the person's response (e.g. the survey answers) and then lastly you can include any information on the customer (e.g. name or email).

We have also built some smart tags to include links to both the control panel and the consumer view:

  • {@controlLink@} will provide you with a link to the control panel to view the details

  • {@component_link@} will provide you with a link to what the consumer sees (e.g. the page to fill out the survey)

  • {@defaultGraphic@} will provide a simple graphic representing the activity that was completed

  • {@reference_type@} will return the reference_type action that was completed

  • {@reference_no@} will return the ID of the action completed. You can leverage this and the {@reference_type@} to process some logic within your system

Taking advantage of PeopleVine Webhooks
With PeopleVine webhooks, you can quickly integrate with just about any other platform that has an open API, so the possibilities are endless. To make your lives even easier, we recommend leveraging the Zapier platform ( which provides you with 100's of webhooks to other platforms which can be created in minutes.

For example if you want to automatically add booked appointments to your Google calendar, they make it possible without having to be a techie and it's free to start using.

We hope you make the most out of our new Webhooks component. Enjoy!

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