Some PeopleVine features (coupons, loyalty cards, memberships, tickets) include an option to utilize QR codes. PeopleVine generates the QR codes on your behalf but you will need to add an app to your mobile device in order to scan them.

There are both free and paid QR reader apps available. We tested some out for you:

For iOS:

Free apps often include advertisements but we found QR Reader by Scan to work very well. QR Reader by TapMedia LTD is similar but slower.

QR Scanner, Quick Scan, Bakodo, Red Laser, and Qrafter either didn't pick up alternate color codes or had too many advertisements.

Scan-QR Code and Barcode Reader is currently $1.99 (on sale from $4.99) but offers great performance at higher speed than the free options, with no disruptive ads.

For Android:

Coming soon.

PeopleVine Venue App

PeopleVine offers a free download of our PeopleVine Venue App available for iOS devices. This app allows you to look up items including memberships, event guest list, loyalty, digital offers and more. Simply install it on an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad and you can start scanning and validating digital items (QR code or Bar Code).

Alternatively, you can setup hardware which would include a computer and a scanner, allowing an individual to scan a phone or a printed version. We recommend you use the Honeywell Genesis 7580g Hands Free 2D Scanner. Visit Honeywell's website for more information.

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