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Check-In Members & Guests
Check-In Members & Guests

Using the Check In App to check in member and guests visiting your property

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Members and their guests can be checked in using the Peoplevine "Check-In app, which is free to download on an Apple iPad.

Please note that our app is currently not available on android.

How to check-in members manually

  1. Go to the Check-In by Peoplevine app.

  2. Select your region (1 if your login is via or 2, if your login is via

  3. If you have more than one company, choose the company you would like to check the member into.

  4. Search for the customer in the field under Search Customer. This will return all customers in your CRM, regardless of their membership status.

  5. Once you have located the guest, click on their name.

  6. If the member is subscribed to multiple memberships, a pop-up screen will appear. Click the one you would like to use for check in.

  7. A screen will pop up that asks if you want to check-in the guest. Click "Yes, check-in".

  8. Your member is now checked in.

How to check in guests of a member manually

To check in guests that are entering the club/ premises with the member and to capture the number of people entering, simply click 'check in' as many times as there are guests. This will not capture the guests personal information but can be used to see how many guests a member has brought in on any given day and to accurately report on the number of people on premises at any one time.

How to check-in guests with a QR/ barcode

  1. At the top of the page, click Scan Code.

  2. The camera will pop up so you can scan the code on the member's membership card.

  3. If the system finds a membership associated with this code, it will check the member in. If it does not, you will see an error message. This maybe due to a failed subscription payment, which you can view in more detail by refreshing the 'recent activity' and clicking on the relevant profile on the left column.

Allow guests to check themselves in

Guests can check themselves in using the Guest Check-In screen on the app. Please note that this flow offers a live member look-up therefore, you may wish for your front of house team to manage this. If you would like to use the live look-up, you will need to do a bit of setup first.

  1. In the POX app, swipe to the right to reveal the control panel on the right.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Click on Guest Sign In

  4. Toggle the button to the right.

  5. You will be prompted to create a PIN. This PIN will be used to get you back to the back end of the POX app when you are in the Guest Check-In screen. This will keep a guest from finding their way to your CRM.

  6. To setup your iPad for guests to sign in. Swipe to the right to reveal the control panel again.

  7. Click Guest Sign In.

  8. A screen will pop up that says "You are about to enter the Guest Sign In screen." Click Continue.

  9. Your iPad is now ready for guests to sign themselves in.

  10. The member will be notified via email that their guest has arrived.

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