Categorize blog posts
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Peoplevine allows you to filter out just about anything by leveraging categories. Categories are used to separate your content into specific groupings, where you can then route people to the specific group.

Follow these steps to set this up:

  1. Go to the company menu (click on your company name) and click on Categories

  2. Then click to Create a New Category

  3. Enter the name of the category

  4. Select the Component as Content

  5. Once you save this category, note the category_no in the URL, you will need this to filter content.

  6. Now when you create a blog post, you can assign it to this category.

Now you can access all blog posts in this category by sending your users to /blog?category_no=1234.

Alternatively you can setup a vanity URL to mask this category_no by setting up a URL redirect to /blog.aspx?category_no=1234.

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