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Where do responses to my contact us go to?
Where do responses to my contact us go to?
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The contact us page has a built in contact information capture form to allow users to provide their name, email and a mobile number by default. We provide you the ability to expand the questions asked on this form by simply attaching a survey to the Contact Us page. Follow these steps to add it:

  1. Go to Engage --> New Survey

  2. When you create this survey set the Assign To as Contact Us Page. This will automatically display this survey on the contact us page.

  3. Add questions to the survey, but remember you don't need to add their name, email or mobile number as those will be affixed automatically.

When someone completes the contact us, a notification will automatically be sent to the company email address on file. To change this address:

  1. In the Control Panel, click on your company name to pull up company options.

  2. Click on Company Information

  3. You can edit the e-mail address here. Please note this e-mail address is displayed on all generated content by default.

Alternatively, after you've assigned a survey to the Contact Us page, you can also subscribe to notifications when someone completes this survey.

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