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Creating an Application Workflow
Creating an Application Workflow

PeopleVine gives its users the ability to link multiple forms together to create an application workflow

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With PeopleVine Survey Applications you can setup a multi-step form along with content to take people through a step-by-step application.  Once submitted, you have the ability to send it through a workflow by changing the status and kicking off the automated notifications.  To setup an online application, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel

  2. We recommend starting by creating the forms you'd like to include in the survey application.  Go to Engage > Surveys & Forms > New Form and build a form.

  3. Add your questions then continue to create each additional form/content

  4. Now that your content and forms are in place, go to Engage > Surveys & Forms > Survey Applications and create a New Application

  5. You'll start by setting up the initial settings for the application (or leave the defaults in place).

  6. Then you'll assign each item in the flow (along with the order). 

  7. Once completed, your people can now complete the survey application.

Once people have completed the application, you can manage, take notes on, respond to and automate the workflow all the way through approval.  Here are some good tutorials that can help you set these up:

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