Start by setting up your custom report.  You can generate pre-defined reports by clicking the export data blue button on most of the report screens/dashboards.  This will pre-select common fields and set any parameters you added. 

To generate a custom report, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the PeopleVine Control Panel

  2. Go to the company menu (click on your company name)

  3. Find Export Data to File under Reports & Data (or by clicking Export Data from any other screen)

  4. Select the type of data you would like to export

  5. Select the fields that you want to include

  6. When you find a date based field, you can filter by a specific date range, by setting the criteria to between and separating the start and end date by a - (dash) in the criteria field.

    7. Once you've selected all your fields, click Generate Report to get your data.
    8. You can then download your data or save the report.

You can use the following variables within the date criteria:

Open the Latest Data in Excel
Now that you've generated your report and saved it, you will see it in your list of reports.

Once your report is saved, we will generate for you an ID which can be used to open this report (or download) via the provided URL.  If you open Excel, click on the File menu and open a file, you can then paste the full URL to open it directly.

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