Peoplevine Schedulers allows people to book a one-on-one time with a mentor, consultant, professional, technician, etc. but some times, the one-on-one may be with someone from a pool of people.  By leveraging the Directory, you can easily assign a specific person to a booked appointment.

Within this tutorial, we will show you how to setup a profile for someone to manage their own front-facing profile, their own hours of availability and to see what's next. You will be working in a few components:

  • Directory - this is where you will setup the trainer/mentor (and assign some access)

  • Scheduler - this is the appointment scheduler where you will allow them to add and manage their own availability

  • Portal - this is where they login to manage what they have access to

Adding the Trainer/Mentor to the Directory
The directory becomes their public facing profile, allowing members to find them by filtering down to them.

  1. Go to Sell > Directory and register a new business

  2. Assign their CRM record to the directory profile to give them access

Setup the Scheduler for booking
While setting up the scheduler, assign it to a directory profile allowing them to view and manage this appointment, but also allowing you to assign a representative.

Assign Contacts to the directory profile
In order to assign a rep to the appointment, the rep needs to be a contact at the directory profile.  Get there by going to the profile and clicking on View/Assign Contacts.  You can then add the contacts to be assigned.

Alternatively, you'll also get a popup to remind you.

Assign the Rep to the appointment
Now that an appointment is booked, you can assign a rep by clicking on Assign Contact under the Assigned To profile when on the booking confirmation screen.

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