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Things to look out for, when setting up any scheduler.
Things to look out for, when setting up any scheduler.

Frequently asked questions, Is it possible to setup schedulers for appointment and reservations?

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  • Can we setup a schedule where people must pay to reserve the spot?
    Response: Yes, when setting up the available slots, you have the ability to charge for that slot.

  • Can we provide a way where a scheduler owner can edit his/her scheduler on demand?
    Response: If you are setting up the trainers/mentors/officiators as directory profiles, you can assign additional contacts that can access that profile’s scheduler. He/She can then switch between each profile at /account/menu and can see and edit their schedulers.

  • Can we pay for sessions in form of Gift Vouchers?
    Response: Yes, user has the option. If they have a voucher it will prompt them to use it vs. paying directly. Typically the vouchers would be sold in a bundle for a lower price, so it's really an attractive option to have.

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