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Advanced Settings for Schedulers
Advanced Settings for Schedulers

Setup your schedulers to work with external systems and allow people to filter by custom attributes.

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Scheduler SKU / External ID
If you are connecting our scheduler engine to an existing platform, you can leverage the External SKU (or schedule_item_sku in the API) to bring back a specific scheduler.  This ID can also be used to reference your external system when pulling back availability.

When searching for availability, you can pass in one or many SKUs within the schedule_item_skus field which is an array of strings.  This will bring back all schedulers matching the skus provided.

Scheduler Settings
Within the scheduler, you can modify the scheduler settings which is a JSON object containing specific data you're looking for.  This data can be queried by passing in both schedule_setting_field and schedule_setting_value in the returnScheduleItems API call.

The settings can be any values you prefer as long as it's in proper JSON format.  Our editor will display an error if it's not.

You can manage these settings directly on the scheduler.

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