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Running Performance and Penetration Tests Against PeopleVine
Running Performance and Penetration Tests Against PeopleVine

Executing tests against our production environment may result in fees and fines.

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If you have specific go live requirements to run penetration testing or performance testing against the PeopleVine platform, please follow these steps before running any tests.  Running tests directly on our production environment is forbidden and will result in additional fees/fines.

When running tests against our environment, start by setting up a custom domain under our alias.  For example, you can setup a custom domain such as to connect to our test environment.

Some things to note:

  • Our test environment receives updates on a regular basis, you can request us to push the latest code by submitting a support ticket.

  • Our test environment is scaled down when it's not being used.  If you have plans to run performance testing, open a support ticket with the dates/times you are looking to run these tests.  We can ramp up the test environment to have the same capacity as production.

Please note that running performance testing against our environment will incur a setup cost and per day cost in order for us to ramp up the hardware in the test environment.

Running penetration tests against our test environment will not incur any charges.  If you do identify any potential threats, please forward the details in a support ticket and our team will work to resolve.  Please note that some penetration tests may include false positives which may not be able to be fixed.  Critical and High impact items will be fixed at no charge.  Medium and low impact items may incur a charge.

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