Each customer profile in Peoplevine has an opt-in flag for both email (opt_in_email) and sms (opt_in_sms) which are set to Y (opted in) or N (opted out).  This flag can be set a few ways:

  • When registering someone in your CRM, we opt-in by default

  • When importing into your CRM, we opt-in by default

  • When someone registers on your website

  • When someone checks out/completes an activity on your website

  • When they opt-out by clicking unsubscribe on an email

Please note that the opt-in flag is controls the delivery of marketing emails only.  Notifications and one-to-one communication can still be sent to the individual.

Wiping Them From the Database
Your customers reserve the right to be forgotten.  You can wipe them from the platform by visiting their CRM profile and scroll down to select "Wipe Person" on the left.  

When wiping a person, it will erase all data associated with this person and can not be restored.  

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