Connect to your audience through our marketing dashboard and utilise automation tools to make life easier

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Peoplevine's marketing dashboard offers a wide range of tools for you to leverage to increase customer engagement and revenue.

Customise your content pages with our page builder or design newsletter templates and target specific segments within your CRM with a few clicks of a button.



Peoplevine provides you with the ability to customise pages and layouts within the portal and apply branding so that you can create consistency between your main website and your member portal.

Build and share forms to gain better insight into your members and leverage this data to segment your audience and communicate specific newsletter campaigns to increase engagement.

Utilise our automation tools to ask for ratings and reviews and schedule social media posts so you can concentrate on all of the other things on your to-do list.

Content Management

Creating your first page layout

With our hosting abilities comes custom page layouts. These are useful for quickly creating content and keeping your website consistent.

Once you've setup your account and imported your first customers, you are now ready to build or transfer your website onto Peoplevine so you can build your business.

Once logged into Peoplevine Select Manage Layouts under Engage.

From this menu you can manage your existing layouts or create a new one by selecting 'Create A Page Layout'

Peoplevine layouts accept html for layouts just as you would in an index file.

You can link any dependencies in the <head> if needed. Be sure to upload them prior to building the layout so you can link to them.

If needed Peoplevine can load standard frameworks such as JQuery and Bootstrap.

This layout can be used for you marketing website, customer portal, or storefront. You can even create multiple layouts for use on specific pages within your website.

If you are transferring an existing website be sure to use the media uploader to upload all the existing assets and dependencies before adding in the <header> and <footer>.

You can read more about page creation options here.

How to build a landing page

This video will show you how to build a landing page using our builder or copy and pasting in your HTML.

Override out-of-the-box pages

You can replace our out of the box pages with custom pages running HAPI (developer framework).

Find out more here.

Override the 404 Error Page with a Custom Page

Don't like our default 404 error page? No worries. You can override it by following these steps:

  1. Create a new content page

  2. Add your HTML (or use the builder)

  3. Set the marketing keyword to 404

  4. Save the page

It will now be leveraged when a user goes to a URL that does not exist.

Apply your own branding to Out of the Box Peoplevine Pages (Header/Footer)

Peoplevine provides you with the ability to wrap all of our generated content with your web site's design and layout. This ensures a consistent branding look and feel when people leave your site to go to Peoplevine generated screens.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Engage and click on Page Layouts under Layouts and Templates

  2. Click to create a new page layout

  3. You can now copy and paste your <head/>, CSS and <body/> content in their respective fields.

  4. Select the out of the box options that pertain to your layout.

  5. Set it as the default layout (the default layout is applied automatically to all Peoplevine out of the box pages, but you can change the layout for landing pages and based on domain names)

You will need to update your HTML to ensure all links to files are absolute URLs, meaning that it should direct back to your web site such as Alternatively you can update your assets into the Peoplevine CDN via the Media Tools (click on your company name and then Upload Multiple Files).

You can also override any standard styles within the Peoplevine generated pages by simply replacing our class names with your definitions under the CSS section. For example you can style a button as such:

.btn { background-color: #336699;}

Add content to the top of event pages

You can customize the event page by adding a content snippet that will be displayed above the list of events. Follow these steps to set it up:

  1. Login to the Control Panel

  2. Go to Engage > Pages > New Page

  3. Setup a new page with Page Type: Content Snippet and Marketing Keyword: event_snippet

  4. Once you save the page, it will automatically display the new content snippet on your /events page.

Customize the Account Favorites Page with Content and Graphics

You can customize the /account/favorites page by doing the following:

  1. Login to the Peoplevine Control Panel

  2. Go to Engage > Content > New Page

  3. Setup your new page as Page Type Content Snippet

Set the marketing keyword to account_favorite or you can place content at the bottom with account_favorite_bottom

Once this page is created, you can continue to edit it by going to Engage > Content > Pages and search for account_favorite.


You can read more about our GDPR readiness here

Remove a person per their request

Occasionally, a customer might request to be removed entirely from your marketing efforts.

To "wipe" someone from your system, go to People (CRM)>My People and search for the customer that has requested to be removed. Click on the customer's name to enter their dashboard page. Then, click the "Wipe Person" button below the TouchPoints menu:

Note that only account administrators will have access to this option and the update cannot be undone. All data and activity associated with the customer will be removed.

Opt in/ opt out

Each customer profile in Peoplevine has an opt-in flag for both email (opt_in_email) and sms (opt_in_sms) which are set to Y (opted in) or N (opted out). This flag can be set a few ways:

  • When registering someone in your CRM, we opt-in by default

  • When importing into your CRM, we opt-in by default

  • When someone registers on your website

  • When someone checks out/completes an activity on your website

  • When they opt-out by clicking unsubscribe on an email

Please note that the opt-in flag is controls the delivery of marketing emails only. Notifications and one-to-one communication can still be sent to the individual.

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