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Pay with Credit Card on File - Aloha
Pay with Credit Card on File - Aloha

This tutorial will show you how a member can pay with their credit card (or ACH) on file.

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1.  Login to the Aloha POS Terminal. 

2. Find the Member ID button (this may be located in an OPEN, Miscellaneous or similar area). 

3. Enter their Member ID and hit OK (you do not need to enter a price). 

4. Continue to add the items they’d like to order and process everything until payment.  When you are ready for payment, follow these steps: 

5. Click on the Close button to bring up the payment options. 

6. Look for the payment called Member Acct (or you may have labeled it Card on File, Payment on File, etc.), so please confirm with your configurator. 

7. Enter the amount and tip to charge them (tip can be added later too – see below). 

8. Upon hitting OK and entering the payment, you will see a prompt “Waiting.”  Please wait until you see one of the following:  

a. If you see “**No Processor**” please make sure you have configured a payment processor in PeopleVine.   

b. If you see “**Payment Failed**” then there was an issue processing their payment and they will need to update their credit card/payment on file.  An admin can view the Transaction log (and click See All) to see the issue in detail. 

c. If you see “**No Card on File**” the member needs to login to the member portal and add a payment method on file.  This shows up instantly upon adding it. 

d. If you see “**Member Not Synced**” either the member number was not added to the check, it has not synced or there was an issue with the data provided.  Please confirm that the member’s ID was added to the correct menu item and then exit out of the screen and wait at least 30 seconds before trying again.  

e. When you see “Approved”, the payment is processed and updated on screen.   

9. When an order is processed, it will auto close and/or print a chit receipt based on your settings in Aloha (on the Tender ID).  But as soon as you see Approved, the system has successfully captured payment.  You can click Close to finish.   

10. If you want to add a tip, click on Adjust Tips in Aloha, click on the ticket and enter the new amount.  Upon syncing this tip, the platform will close out the payment and charge it in full, otherwise it will charge the next morning in a batch process (with or without a tip)



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