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Aloha POS Integration
Aloha POS Integration

Check out this article for an overview (and links to other articles) on how to use your Aloha and PeopleVine integration.

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This article is a summation of all the features, existing articles and best practices for utilizing the NCR Aloha POS with PeopleVine.

We currently support the following features (as of 5/29/2019):

  1. Tracking member spend by adding their member ID to the order

  2. Allowing members to pay with their credit card on file

  3. Allowing members to pay with their house account, which we generate invoices and then auto-charge at the end of the month

  4. Ability to issue a digital currency (gift cards, reward certs, promo certs) that members (or registered gift card holders) can redeem at the POS

  5. Simple 1-click Verify button to ensure someone has a card on file or a balance on their digital currency

Along with these features, we provide the ability for both a full-service and self-service experience for managing your member's experience at the point of sale.

Tutorials and Videos
We recommend watching the following videos to see the experience for checking out and/or tracking your members at the POS.  Please note that based on your version of Aloha and your configuration restrictions, your experience may be different.

Please note that some features need to be enabled in configuration and will require a session with our integration partner Omnivore.

Check out these videos for additional walkthroughs on using the POS integration:

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